See what people are saying about Mike Morrison and his work.

“Our mission is to help our educators create perfect listening and learning environments. It is truly magic when we work with educators who share our passion and give us the chance to be our best for them. This has been our experience at Laguna Beach Unified. Mike Morrison shares his vision, knowledge and enthusiasm and welcomes us as partners. We have found this partnership not only provides us a chance to help the teachers and students from Laguna Beach, but also an opportunity to learn from Mike and his team. Thanks Laguna Beach USD!”
— David Solomon, Executive VP, Lightspeed Technologies
Laguna Beach USD was named as one of three districts to watch as an example of a “leading digital district” by Tom Torlakson the State superintendent stating the Laguna is a “Bright Spot serving as a light of encouragement and guidance for our state”.
— Tom Torlakson
I have known Michael Morrison since 2000 when he was the Technology Coordinator at the Saddleback Valley Unified School District (SVUSD). He worked his way up to become the Director of IT at the district in 2007 where he manage a staff of 17 . Michael was always very active in Orange County educational technology forums, and contributed to the reagons advancement of technologies through his leadership at SVUSD.
In 2014 Michael became the Chief Technology Officer at Laguna Beach Unified School District (LBUSD) where he has continued to innovate. No one in the educational community questions Michael’s IT expertise, however where he excels is in his ability to implement his ideas successfully. I have worked with many K-12 and higher education institutions world-wide, and have witnessed great plans that have failed because of a poor implementation plan. Through his leadership, Michael has worked to include all of the stakeholders (students, teachers, staff, administrators, school board members, parents etc.) in the process of executing a very successful technology program at LBUSD. Identifying the educational technologies to deploy in a district is the easy task. Getting all of the stakeholders to buy into your plan is what will make your programs have long term success.

— Dan Lau DANKA Enterprise
After years of sitting through boring, dull, lackluster presentations, I was ecstatic to sit in on a session Mike recently conducted on the evolution of classroom environments. I taught public speaking for years and was pleasantly surprised to see a presenter who truly engages the audience. From start to finish, Mike’s presentation was entertaining and informative and I look forward to learning more about the important work he is doing in his district.


— Sondra Cloud